Zach Seabaugh is 22 year old singer/ songwriter based out of Nashville, TN.

In 2016, Zach finished 5th place on NBC's hit show "The Voice". He was 16 years old. Following his early success on nation wide television, Zach began to to travel the country playing shows and connecting with the fans who were listening. Fast forward 5 years to today, the singer has continued the work of developing his own unique sound while crafting new ways to share his passion of music with fans around the world. 


His catchy melodic style of songwriting sits right alongside the upbeat chord structure and memorable delivery of song . His writing focuses to tell a story and connect with any audience. Growing by writing with other recording artists around Nashville, Zach continues to chase songs and new ways to share his life stories. 

"Same Moon" is Zach's newest single, written and produced with songwriters Brandon Ratcliff and Ben Foster. 


Through experiencing life now as a 22 year old adult, & recently finishing his degree, there's more to come in 2021.